Spread the word about Zero the Dream Hero and the Nightmare Protector!

We'd love it if you could help us share our story. Here's the TL;DR

The nightmare protector is a sleep mask with a story behind it that it's magical and gives children control over their dreams. We've added a doll and a book to make it fun and effective.

There's well established psychology that with practice and guidance you can control your dreams. This can help children who are plagued with frequent nightmares. Lack of sleep can have long term affects on children including depression. The whole family suffers as well.

Emma, 9 at the time, didn't know these things, but intuitively gave her little sister who was struggling with nightmares a JetBlue sleep mask and told her it would allow her to have happy dreams. It worked.

We long talked about making this a business and two years ago when Emma was struggling with depression issues of her own (that's another story which thankfully turned out okay), we started this project in earnest to give her something positive to focus on.

Unfortunately, the toy manufacturer to whom we entrusted lots of money has produced not much more than delays and excuses. We're trying to move foward in the face of never seeing that money again.

Can you help us? We need your help to spread the word!

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