That Time When We Accidentally Launched Our Kickstarter

As you may have seen by now, we launched a Kickstarter. We've never done this, but we do know from being in the internet marketing space forever is that you should do a lot of planning of content, social media, and preselling before launch. 

We spent all day filling out the Kickstarter content form, setting up rewards, writing the story, etc. and submitted it for review, planning to take several days to promote the launch. According to the Kickstarter process there's a 1-3 day review period. 

We submitted it and from across the room (picture us in our living room), Ashley exclaimed, "What? It's approved! We just need to go live."

And then she said, "Oh my gosh. I just launched it! I'm going to puke."

Her mouse was hovering over the "Go live" button and she clicked accidentally by touching her trackpad. (Kids, "tap to click" is dangerous.)

There was no "Are you sure?" 

The thing with Kickstarter is you cannot unlaunch. There's only cancel, which is terminal. And it's not even deleted. It lives on in the cancelled campaign graveyard. A hall of shame and shattered dreams. We don't belong there!

From Kickstarter:

"Projects are never removed from the site. They remain available for reference and transparency. For the same reasons, projects cannot be deleted, even if they were canceled or unsuccessful."

We could have cancelled it and created a new one, but that didn't feel good. So we decided to move forward and ride this adrenaline rush to get moving. 

So we started our Kickstarter accidentally and we're a few days behind. But we'll catch up.

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And please back our project. It's going to be amazing. See it here:

A kidpreneur's invention to help kids combat nighttime fear!

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