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Read our story from Emma's perspective! 

If you know a child who is struggling with nightmares, you know how disruptive it can be to an entire household. The child is fearful, and the parents are exhausted. We have a solution that empowers children and allows parents to enjoy sleep again!

So starts the story of Zero, the Dream Hero, who is here to empower your child to have good dreams every night. He does this by giving the gift of a Nightmare Protector, a mask that makes them into a dream hero too! 


My youngest daughter, Olivia, who was 5, was having nightmares. The bad dreams became bad enough that she rarely stayed in her own bed all night. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing worked. I was exhausted. It was my oldest daughter, Emma, who was nine at the time, who came up with the solution. She came across a sleep mask I received from a recent red-eye flight. Emma explained it was a “Nightmare Protector” designed to protect kids from nightmares. IT WORKED!

Later, when researching bad dreams, I learned that there have been studies done proving people can learn to control their dreams. Emma, without realizing it, had tapped into this power.

Bringing our idea to the world

As a family, we decided that we needed to share this magic with the world. Nightmare Protectors could help other kids! 

We thought it would be best if Nightmare Protectors came along with a story. The story started out with a character we called "The Dreammaker." This was Emma's first drawing of him: 

(DM was for DreamMaker)

After many iterations, he became Zero, The Dream Hero. (Read more about his creation here!)

We need your help

Nearly two years ago, we signed a contract with a toy design and manufacturing company to have our book and doll created. We forked over a big chunk of money to make our dream of Zero the Dream Hero and the Nightmare Protectors become a reality. We pre-paid to have our doll designed, created, our book illustrated and printed, and then to receive 1000 dolls, books, and boxes. We were thrilled!! We believed we started a possibly life-changing journey that would be fun and exciting.

The process has been exciting, but none of it has been fun. With the exception of the day we received our beautifully designed doll (which, oddly, was not even designed by the person we paid to design it), this process has been frustrating and painful. Several times we have nearly decided to give up and accept that we lost our money.

Here is the beautiful prototype the talented designer created. This was the one shining moment in the process. When completed, his chest emblem will be embroidered with glow in the dark thread so kids can see him at night. Isn't he cute?! 

Zero the Dream Hero

Today, we still have no idea when the book will be completed, the dolls manufactured, or when we'll receive any of it. The individual who controls this not only has our money, but he disappears for weeks at a time and rarely helps us make progress on our project. Based on this continuing behavior, we suspect he no longer has our money and we may never see our dolls. We are going to fight for it, but it could take years more. It's frustrating and heartbreaking. But we're not giving up.

We're taking back control.

We have learned so much about the toy-making business during this journey. The best part of it has been the people we’ve met, people we hope to work with for a long time. One of these individuals is the toy manufacturer we wish we could have met first. As we’ve worked with her on other projects, we’ve observed her consistently and efficiently take the ideas of toy creators from a picture on a piece of paper to several thousands of toys on their doorsteps within reasonable timelines. 

We want, more than anything, to show our kids that nothing will get in our way of achieving our dream. So we're raising funds to move forward on our project with the new company. The money will pay the new company for 2000 dolls, sleep masks, and an abridged version of the story as a hangtag. We have confidence, due to all we learned and the new connections we made, that we will now receive our beautiful dolls in a timely manner, especially as we now have a high-quality prototype. Then, if and when the original manufacturer follows through, we will simply add it to the stock we've sold while we waited.

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