Help a Child at Children's Hospital Colorado!

Halloween can be such a scary time for kids. I remember when Emma was little, she would have to close her eyes when we drove by the neighbor's house because the decor was so scary. (We may be that house now, oops!)
We can't imagine how much scarier it must feel when nights have to be spent away from parents, like if a child has to spend them in a hospital. We want to help those kids!

So for Halloween, we're doing something special to help kids with nighttime fear! 

Maybe you don't have anyone in your life that needs Zero the Dream Hero or his Nightmare Protector. For Halloween, if you back our Kickstarter without a reward, we'll donate a Zero and Nightmare Protector to Children’s Hospital Colorado.
For those of you that do want a reward, we have set up a special tier that will allow you to pay to donate to a child at The Children's Hospital of Colorado, for only $10 more than the price of a Zero the Dream Hero and Nightmare Protector. 
Just look for this pledge level: 
Pledge $30 or more
One for you, One for Children's Hospital
***Halloween Special Promotion***

Children's Hospital of Colorado is an absolutely amazing place, one where our kids, and the children of friends and family have received incredible care. Emma was recently in their commercial, take a look at how the hospital works to be unique, just for kids! 

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