Emma's Story

The story of Zero the Dream Hero and his Nightmare Protectors, in Emma's words:

Hi, I’m Emma. When I was 9, I came up with an idea to help my little sister Olivia who was having nightmares. Her dreams were so bad that she didn’t even want to go in her room alone at night. My sisters and I all shared a room and she kept us up all night, so we were really tired! My mom tried everything but nothing worked. She was really tired too because my sister would wake her up a lot.

I found a sleep mask that my mom got on a plane ride. I gave it to my sister and told her that it had special powers. I called it a nightmare protector and told her that if she wore it she could dream anything she wanted. I told her it would let her control her dreams. It worked!! I couldn’t believe it.

Later, I was in a contest where I had to invent a new business. My business was where kids could design their own nightmare protector and buy it. I had to write a business plan and get investors and everything. The investors were my parents and grandparents but hey, they were still investors! People really liked my idea so I thought maybe I could really do something with it!

My Presentation
Olivia helping me present my nightmare protector idea!

I talked to my mom and stepdad a lot, and we decided it would be awesome if the nightmare protectors had a super hero. Like a friend that brought the nightmare protector to a kid. Here was my first drawing of him. At first he was called the Dream Maker, which is why he has DM on his chest:  

DM was for DreamMaker

My mom helped me write a book to go along with it. My stepdad helped me build a website. Later he became Zero the Dream Hero and we liked him being really cute, so I drew this:

Zero the Dream Hero

We worked months and months on designing everything and it was really awesome.

I really hoped to help little kids who are scared at night and parents who are tired because their kids keep them up. It was a really cool dream of ours and we were going to help a lot of people.

My mom and stepdad helped me raise the money to get my idea made. We talked to a man that owns a toy-making company that said he could make the toys and books for us. It was going to be super expensive so we had a big family meeting and talked about it and how we would have less money and wouldn't be able to do as many fun things. We decided that we all wanted to do it because we could help so many people.


Things seemed good at first but then he started making up all these excuses and all these things so we basically never got it done. He procrastinated a lot. He refused to do anything about it and just gave excuses about why things weren’t happening. So now he has our money and sometimes we think he’s going to do something and then he doesn’t.

Now we can’t do this project and can’t help the people who need it and it kinda sucks. It makes me really sad. I sort of think the guy spent all the money we sent to him and can’t pay to have the toy made because he just keeps giving us excuse after excuse why they aren’t ready.


I’m not going to quit trying to make my dream of helping kids stop being scared at night and parents get better sleep.


So we became friends with these other people who own a toy company and they could get my doll done. They get everyones toys done. Like, someone will bring them an idea and three months later, they have thousands of toys already! But we can’t go work with them because the other man still has our money. We’ve even asked for it back but I think he just doesn’t have it.

That’s why I need your help. I'm raising money to work with the other company. Maybe someday we’ll get our dolls from the first company. Even if we don't this will make it so we are in control of our dream not him!!

UPDATE - 12/19/2019

We made it happen! My family rallied and we worked directly with a factory to get our dolls and masks made. 

You can now order them. Click here to get your own Zero the Dream Hero and Nightmare Protector!

And we have plans for a full-length children's book and we're even working on a girl doll. Shhh. If you want to stay updated, sign up here.

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