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Do you have bad dreams when you go to sleep?
I’m here to help with a gift you can keep!
It’s a nightmare protector, it protects while you snooze!
It gives you dream powers which you’ll never lose.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Zero.
I’m in charge of your dreams, I’m your dream hero!

Thus starts the story of Zero the Dream Hero, who brings his gift of a Nightmare Protector to children to empower them to combat nighttime fear and bad dreams! 

Once we had Zero perfectly designed, we set out to have the book illustrated. Emma is an incredible artist, so we strongly considered having her illustrate the book. Her drawings came out so well! 


In the end, we realized we don't know enough about how to put together the entire book, so we are working with a professional illustrator. Within minutes of receiving Emma's drawings, he sent us his first mock-up of Zero. We loved him! 

We provided descriptions of the pictures we envisioned, including some really funny drawings we attempted on our own. He sent us the first page, and again, we loved it! 

Once we saw it colored, we loved it even more!

We're working through the book one page at a time, and loving each of his drawings! 

Here's a sneak peek of one our favorite pages! 


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